What I’m reading (July 2022): Expert Secrets by Russell Brunson

Every once in a while I’ll read something that assimilates all the concepts I have floating around in my head about a topic into one tidy little package. That’s Expert Secrets, written by the founder of one the fastest growing bootstrapped SaaS companies in history (ClickFunnels), Russell Brunson.

Packed with value, this book contains concepts I’ve recognized in the writing of other marketing greats like Dan Kennedy, Drayton Bird, Tim Ferriss, and Michael Masterson. I’ve even noticed some concepts from heroes in strategy like Michael Porter and Warren Buffet

So, I’m loving it. Here’s exactly why…

For professional services providers, one of the traps we fall into is commoditization. For example, there are LOTS of people who can do your bookkeeping for a good price with high quality, create a cash flow forecast or a financial model, and even help you lead your company better… just check out Upwork.

What’s rare is someone who can do exactly what you or I do, the way we do it, for a specific type of customer we know really well.

For example, I’ve spent most of my career in a weird spot between Wall Street and Main Street… I’ve worked on a securities trading floor and a manufacturing plant floor… and I’ve spent a significant portion of that time working on getting deals financed. These experiences also usually revolved around visionary entrepreneurs, so there are just some things at the intersection of these points that only a hand full of people in the world know.

“So what and who cares?” you might ask.

Consider this: You probably have a very valuable “sweet spot” too.

And Expert Secrets helps us tell the world about the value of our sweet spot in a way that works with how people really make decisions. That’s why it’s powerful.

Here’s the table of contents to give you a sense of what you’ll learn…

So… Not only does it provide a tested framework for people like me (and probably you) to tell their story in a fun way, but it also helps frame how to create new, differentiated products around your unique value.

As Rhapsodi’s gone through the process of revamping our services these last few months, I’ve discovered that these new differentiated services can be easier, faster, more fun, and more profitable to deliver all while making customers much happier. So everybody wins.

Check out Expert Secrets on Amazon here: LINK

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