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We only work with Principled, Committed Visionary Entrepreneurs​

We've created over $15 million in equity value for clients in the last 18 months.


...and, chances are, we can help you too. 

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CFO Services
We serve as CFO to some of the Southeastern Conference's fastest growing companies.

Let us come into your company, look around, report back to you what we think is really happening... all backed up by hard evidence.


If someone needs to be fired, we'll tell you. If they don't, we'll show you how to get them the help they need to do their job well.

Based on your decision, we can provide one-time training to high potential employees, help you hire someone, or become a part of your team on a fractional-time basis.  


For clients who we believe are coachable and driven, we accept performance based comp that aligns our incentives to yours.


When you make more, we make more.

M&A Advisory
We've helped clients add over $10 million in equity value to their net worth through acquisitions in the last 18 months.

Let us work with you to identify acquisition targets that

  • increase your equity value,

  • make contact with potential sellers,

  • vet deals with you,

  • develop industry roll-up and IPO plans with our network of investment banks, and

  • even perform due diligence and integration.

We apply value-investing principles to all deals -- even highly leveraged LBOs -- in order to increase your chances of success and limit your downside risk.

Pay us a highly discounted monthly fee plus performance bonus. For deals over $100 million, pay us 100% performance fee.

Pricing Consulting
We've helped clients raise their prices by 10% or more in less than 90 days. 

The fastest, easiest way to grow a business is to raise prices. We can help you identify pricing strategies that increases margin.

Some of the time we fail, but usually we find people are leaving plenty of money on the table due to poor pricing strategies, undifferentiated products, and weak sales methods.


Let us assess your pricing and we'll show you exactly where we think we can move the needle. Pay us based on your results or a flat fee. Your choice.