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Matt Duckworth

Managing Member

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The Berkshire Transformation Program

Embark on a guided journey through our 4-part framework for increasing the value of your business without taking major risks or becoming a financial expert.

Become a Profitable Manufacturer

Over the last 10 years, we’ve cataloged over 40 best practices from the 20+ manufacturers we’ve helped grow

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Our clients have been able to increase prices by 40% without losing key customers.

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We serve as CFO to some of the Southeastern Conference's fastest growing companies.

Capital Management

We are a team of experienced operators and financial professionals who have built real companies with our own money at risk.


We help frustrated owners be able to step away from their financials, and rely on a team of professionals to manage accounting.

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Meet Matt

Matt Duckworth has acted as CFO and Advisor to some of the southeast US’s second-largest fitness chain, the region’s fastest-growing weight-loss concepts, one of the region’s largest funeral home chains, and one of the region’s fastest-growing equipment finance companies.

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