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Rhapsodi was founded in 2018 by a crazy entrepreneur from Pine Bluff, Arkansas named Matt Duckworth with the belief that:  1) where people start shouldn't determine where they end up and 2) entrepreneurs are called to create a better world... not just make money.

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We Aspire To Live By A Simple Set of Values...

Transparency with tact

  • We are honest to a fault, communicating often, clearly, concisely and without delay to our clients, coworkers, and leaders.

  • We are humble, always considering the other’s feelings and point of view.  

  • We always give our clients and coworkers the benefit of the doubt.

We are Team, “A-Players”, holding ourselves to the highest standards.

  • We are driven, proactive, solution-oriented, and ambitious; we love to learn!  

  • The team is more important than any one person

  • We solve important problems first, by focusing on the root cause.

We are driven innovators. 

“Only those that attempt the absurd will accomplish the impossible” -M. C. Esher

  • Our differentiator is innovation…we always think outside of the box 

  • We know our customers and how to do things better, cheaper, and faster.

  • We identify problems AND the solution to our customers

We act with Courage, because it gives us the strength to live our values.

  • We do what needs to be done even when it's painful.  It’s hard to be transparent, team focused, and innovators…it requires COURAGE.  

  • We confront the bullies

  • Growth requires discomfort, overcoming discomfort requires courage!


We build lasting Relationships 

  • Numbers drive our approach, people drive our decisions 

  • When we hire and fire people, we do it with grace and kindness

  • We settle differences quickly and do not let them fester

  • We tell people what they need to hear, when they need to hear it; and humbly and graciously accept constructive criticism 

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